The site is not working after adding cloudflare!

I find out how to fix that your website cannot be reached or doesn’t work when connecting with Cloudflare and works fine when you disconnect Cloudflare, in some countries particularly in Egypt Internet service providers have this issue with Cloudflare, and I want to share how I fix it with who is experiencing this issue, folow the stps
1-Go to your Windows network properties and change the internal IPV4 protocol to Cloudflare IPV4 ( and, then click apply (see screenshots)
2. Go to Google Chrome Settings > Privacy and Security > Use Secure DNS >and choose Custom >then Select from the drop-down box Cloudflare (, do the same from your phone, open any google page from the 3 dots up, go to setting and do the same .
then try your website by laptop and phone it will works fine with Cloudflare.
I hope it is useful.