The site is experiencing an ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

It seems like your site is appearing for certain people but not for me. I’ve cleared my cache, reset my history, configured everything, waited for the 24-hour domain setup, and even waited over 72 hours, but nothing. The site shows up for others, but for me, it just gives the error:

"Couldn’t establish a secure connection to this site. sent an invalid response.

Try running the Windows Network Diagnostics.


Does anyone know how to fix this error? Everything seems fine in Hostinger and Cloudflare, but the site is still down for me while it’s working fine for others.

Is univeral SSL enabled?

Yes, it is enabled, however, as I said, if you perhaps access the website, it will be catching for you. For some people, they can view the website, for me, and for other people, it is not possible to view it, I have no idea what it is, I have already done everything, I have already reviewed it and I checked and everything is fine, the website is even monitoring the site so I can see that other people are accessing it, but myself and other people are still giving this error.

I didn’t change anything in the domain, configuration, etc., but now the site is back up and running. In a little while, it crashes again, it’s already happened, then it stays inactive for several days and comes back again. I don’t know what could be the bad compatibility between Cloudflare and Hostinger.

Check if the request to the site is being intercepted by a web filter on your PC/network, ISP filter or other page since such an intercept won’t be able to provide a valid certificate for the domain.

Try using an alternate DNS server (, or to see if that works round the problem.

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