The site is redirected to

I have a site in prod enviorment that is monitored in your site.
I also have a test site, that is not monitored here.
still, when entering the test site, it redirects to the prod site.
I am a new developer in the company, and I didn’t create the redirect action.
The guy that did created it, is unavailable.
I tried looking in Rules, and many more, but nothings seems to be working to fix this.
Is the problem from Cloudflare? I tried checking settings in my server’s IIS, but also nothing.
Can you help me determine if the cause is in cloudflare.

What rules are active on the domain?

Where do mean i should look?
In the site’ server’s IIS rewrite rules ?
If so, then there is only one rule, which is disabled, and is redirecting to a valid url.

In Cloudflare.

I also looked in Cloudflare.
one rule, active, valid.

What is it?

this is the rule:*

Always Use HTTPS

Can you provide the actual domain you are having issues with?

no. that’s the best i can do…
The site is redirected to

Without the domain there is nothing more I can do. Hopefully someone else has some other ideas.

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