The site does not open. From the Cloudflare DNS records are not given

Hello. We were setting up DDOS protection, the site does not open. The support of the site advised to contact you. Со стороны Cloudflare DNS записи не отдаются.
dig +short золотухинская-жизнь.рф

К сервисам Cloudflare у нас нет доступов. Для решения данного вопроса обратитесь к технической поддержке Cloudflare. Нужно добавить А запись для домена золотухинская-жизнь.рф"
Помогите решить проблему. Спасибо

You do not have any DNS records on Cloudflare and need to add them.

Hello. There are records of type A. They were created immediately.

I presume the UI code got confused with the IDN and it did not recognise the domain itself and created these hostnames


Just rename the existing ones to “www” and “@” respectively.

Thanks. Did. I will wait for the DNS update

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