The site began to generate error 522

Good afternoon, today the website stopped working with a bang; it gives a cloudflare 522 error. We checked the server, rebooted, the site began to work on the IP, that is, the server response where the site is. Before that, everything worked well without such glitches. Then we changed the NS addresses to the usual ones, not a cloudflare, so that the website would work and understand what the error was. on new you from the domain registrar everything earned. We decided that some kind of bug in the cloudflare, and decided to transfer the site to another account, and changed NS to other addresses cloudflare. as a result, the error is repeated 522 already on another account. What could be the problem like this? Until today, everything worked well and there were no errors.

We’re there any changes to security or Firewall settings ob your host or in front?

Please follow the steps in this post to solve your Problem:

did not do anything with the server, did not change anything.
it happened like that automatically
the site also did not change anything

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