The site is suddenly got down

The site apteka245 dot ru is suddenly got down. The IP is not pinged. What’s wrong? Worked for a long time. Please help!

I have same issue with my

Maybe Russia blocked Cloudflare

It seems to be so

No its not that. Cloudflare CNAME IPs are pinged well. Site also works from mobile phone with LTE (not WiFi) - please try it. Something with Internet. Even whatsapp does not work on my PC.

Cloudflare Radar does not show any apparent, large-scale issues. This is in all likelihood an issue with your ISP, please contact their support.

1 Like works well for me from Ulyanovsk


I cannot access my site

from Russia. However it works through VPN.

So I wonder if Russia blocked Cloudflare.


It resumed working in 1 hour. Thanks to all for advices.

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