The server is blocking requests to this feed via CloudFlare

I’m trying to use IFTTT, but an error occurs.
If I check my RSS using the W3C Feed Validation Service, it comes out normal.
Bot Fight Mode is enabled.

Is there any way to fix this error?

Have you tested with Bot Fight Mode disabled?
Yes, if you turn off “Bot Fight Mode”, the RSS feed will be added without error.
I like the other features, but I also use Cloudflare to use “Bot Fight Mode”.

Is there a way to use Bot Fight Mode by filtering IP, Bot name, etc.?

There is no point in using Cloudflare without using Bot Fight Mode.

I find Cloudflare has substantial value beyond Bot Fight Mode. If you need a more flexible version of that feature, it requires a Pro subscription to gain access to Super Bot Fight Mode.

Bot Fight Mode has a few limitations, including that it:

If these limitations could cause issues with your application, do not enable this feature.

For more granular control - including the ability to use the Skip action for bot mitigation - consider using Super Bot Fight Mode.

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Thank you for your kind reply.
I think I’ll have to check the information you provided and proceed with activating or deactivating it.

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