The sender must 550-5.7.26 authenticate with at least one of SPF or DKIM

I have this error when sending email to gmail user. I have gone to the Google support link below to read but was not clear how to set up the SPF or DKIM.

And I have contacted my host dreamhost on it but they said my domain DNS is managed externally at Cloudflare.

Have gone to Cloudflare page on dns-spf-record. But still not clear on how should I set up my entry.

May I know if anyone is also using dreamhost and know how to set up SPF and DKIM?

Thank you.

In order to at least have something, just add a TXT record (not SPF!, SPF actually uses TXT records, don’t ask why :), with content “v=spf1 ~all”.

This should at least satisfy Google, until you learn how to set-up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

(If you are not the administrator of the mail server, ask them, they should know).

Hi Bernardo,

Thank you for your reply. I managed to add in something yesterday. Hope that it will work :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Is your issed solved, today I have a same issue with same error.
If yes then what the settings needed for this issue

You have to add a TXT record with content “v=spf1 ~all”

Since I am using dreamhost, that was what I added in. Not sure what hosting you are using.

Like in Add record
Name=______(what to write here)
Content= “v=spf1 ~all” (without qoutes) (I am using domain

Below was what I typed in
Type=TXT (this is my domain, not sure if it is right)
Content= “v=spf1 ~all” (without qoutes)

Actually I am really not that sure also and no other person replied except bernardo.reino

Content= “v=spf1 ~all” (without qoutes)

Then able to get mail on yahoo but not on gmail, on gmail same bounce mail repeats

If you domain is, using will result in an invalid SPF record. You published a record that says it should include its own contents. That creates an infinite recursive loop.

You need to create your SPF record using the information provided by your email hosting provider. The reason worked for @bkchua is because Dreamhost publishes an SPF record that their customers can include.

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Thus @shahpiyushn has to use the hosting provider. My email hosting provider in this case is dreamhost.

Thank you for the clarification.


Thanks to both of you, I got SPF string from my hosting provider and applied and now everything working fine

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Glad that all worked out for you now.

The credit goes to for the clarification.

Have a great day.

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