The secure lock isn't showing on the address bar

Hi. When I type my domain the lock doesn’t shw on the address bar. Can anyone please help me with this?

Your main image is loaded with http, causes you to lose the secure lock. Edit your front page so you’re calling that image with https.

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This is going to sound silly but I don’'t how how to edit the front page.

let me try to send a screen shot

2017-09-05 (2)

I don’t see where I can edit the https… I was thinking it would be from the area in the screen shot, but it isn’t

I did add 3 plugins Cloudflare, Cloudflare ssl and another called really simple, does my issue have anything to do with that?

You may need to provide more detail about how you are managing content on your site, and how the design is implemented. As @sdayman mentioned, the main image on your site is loading over HTTP. However, the same file is also available via HTTPS, so you just need to make sure that the page is pointing to the HTTPS image.

Thanks for your help guys. I am using wordpress as my CMS. And I’m using some CSS coding. I went into media and I see the image, it has the https://
Am I looking at the wrong place? Can someone tell me how to edit it or can I just remove the image or redo the home page to rectify this problem.

And I just want to make sure the 3 plugins installed don’t have anything to do with this issue?