The second day I can not add domains from the registrar

Hello, the second day I can not add domains from the registrar

Domain name:

   Equatorial Guinea Domains B.V.
   Dominio GQ administrator
   P.O. Box 11774
   1001 GT Amsterdam
   Phone: +31 20 5315725
   Fax: +31 20 5315721
   E-mail: abuse: [email protected], copyright infringement: [email protected]

Domain Nameservers:

Cloudflare does not know about that domain. Why would you set these nameservers?

You first need to add the domain and then set whatever Cloudflare assigned to you.

I could not add it to Cloudflare , I got an error that the domain is not registered

Why did I send you whois data?
Whois says that the domain is registered, ns Cloudflare is assigned, but when adding to Cloudflare it was written that the domain is not registered (I didn’t show any error codes)

Here is Freenom not active in cloudflare I had the same problem

I dont know.

You cant add nameservers before you added the domain. It all is explained in the article I linked. Hence also my question why you assigned those nameservers, which you didnt answer.

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