The script will never generate a response in GenerateMetadata with fetch() NextJS14

I am getting the error The script will never generate a response when trying to use fetch() in my generateMetaData function in NextJS 14. I’ve seen a lot of similar bugs reported on this but haven’t been able to find a solution. Is anyone familiar with this? I can reproduce this locally when running npx @Cloudflare/next-on-pages@1 and then using wrangler to do a preview, otherwise this works on local. The error I was getting before reproducing on local (in my dev cloudflare url) was A hanging Promise was canceled. This happens when the worker runtime is waiting for a Promise from JavaScript to resolve, but has detected that the Promise cannot possibly ever resolve because all code and events related to the Promise's I/O context have already finished.

Using thise code trying to fetch data for SEO Functions: generateMetadata | Next.js

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This error doesn’t say much on how to solve the issue, I’m encountering this on most of dynamic generated pages that use the generateMetaData with NextJS14.2.3 function as well.

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