The scheduled event has failed

After I change my server name to cloudflare, the warning “The scheduled event has failed” appears on the site health of my wordpress site, and if I change it to my original server name, the warning does not appear.
how to overcome it?
Thank you

What’s the domain?

I see you’re running LiteSpeed. Here is some information:

You might even need to use a cronjob to run WordPress cron events on a regular basis. That’s covered in the “Scheduled Posts…” section of the link I posted above.

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What’s the problem with litespeed? because when I use the name of my hosting server, even if I use litespeed, the warning does not appear
And I have disabled the litespeed plugin, but the message still exists

Can anyone help ???

After I change my server name to Cloudflare, the “Scheduled failed event” warning appears on the health of my WordPress site, and if I change it to my original server name, the warning does not appear.
how to handle it?
thank you

That is not a cloudflare error message so I suspect that’s why folks are generally unfamiliar with it.

I guess some troubleshooting questions are in order:
Is that the complete message that is displayed?
Can you attach a copy of the error?
Any indication of this error in the logs?
Are there any cron processes running/expected to run that are failing?

Next, perhaps refine some troubleshooting steps. As opposed to changing name servers, does the error still occur/appear if you pause cloudflare on the site (from the overview tab of the cloudflare dashboard). What if you resume cloudflare and click the :orange: on your A and CNAME records to turn them :grey: or DNS only, does the error still occur?

The full text is:
1 critical issue

Your site cannot complete the loopback request
Loopback requests are used to run scheduled events and are used by default editors so that themes and plugins can verify code stability.

Loopback requests to your site failed, this means that loopback-related features are currently not working properly.
Error: cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 10001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received (http_request_failed)

1 recommended improvement

Scheduled failed event
The scheduled event, smush_check_for_conflicts, failed to run. Your site is still functioning, but this indicates that scheduled publishing or automatic updates may not function as it should.

Likewise, when I send a newsletter the message is not sent. And also when I scan a site using wordfence it can’t

But when I change the server name from Cloudflare to the name of my host server, the warning does not appear and other plugins can run as they should

Why did it happen? And how to overcome it?
Thank you very much

I also got this message from the newsletter plugin:

CDN warning

If you have a CDN active (for example Cloudflare), the service could cache the calls to wp-cron.php totally blocking the WordPress scheduler. Please, be sure to add an exception for this file in your CDN configuration (or ask the provider to add it for you).

How to solve it?
Thank you