The same domain,some page rule can't work,some not

I tried to find an answer to my question regarding page rules, but I couldn’t. Please forgive me if this is already answered.

my domain have 4 rules,my eglish is very poor,so i give the pics,3Q.

when i visit:
the rule 4 is in effect,CF-Cache-Status is HIT,Pictured:

but when i visit:
the rule 1 or 2 No effect, cf-cache-status is DYNAMIC,Pictured:

I don’t know why. Thank you for your help!

Describe what you generally want to achieve with these page rules.

There are also some things not quite clear. For example, page rules 2 to 4 appear to be redundant and could be combined into one. The only difference I notice in page rule 1 is that Always Online is not enabled.

Thank you for your answer.

Domain name, I hope HTTP protocol 80 or 8080 port can be cached, and HTTPS protocol 8443 port request can be cached. But the rule 2 doesn’t work. The rule 1 is just a test.

Why do you have these rules in the first place? Do you want to cache anything besides the defaults? If so, what?

I just want to cache all resources starting with 8443/*, but now rule 1, 2 doesn’t work.

if I get rid of rules 1 and 2, and the result is the same.


URL1 is cached,response cf-cache-status is HIT;
URL2 is not cached,response cf-cache-status is DYNAMIC;

I just want to cache URL1 now. What can I do?
Can’t the non 443 HTTPS port be cached?

thank you andro~

That is my question. More than the defaults?

Only on that port? Right now your page rules configure it to cache on all ports.

Can you describe in a detailed way, step-by-step (not as an essay) what you exactly want to have?

Should you just want to cache everything on that particular hostname, simply remove all your page rules and just create one for*.

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