The RTE Toy Show Appeal — converting millions of viewers to millions of Euros with Serverless

The Late Late Toy Show is the most watched show in Ireland every year with a 70%+ audience share and over 1.5 million viewers on their live show. Every year they put on extraordinary entertainment for the nation and 2020 was no exception.

This year, Ryan and the team decided they needed to do something extra special to lift the nations spirits so they created the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal — the appeal would raise money for children’s charities across Ireland to be distributed by The Community Foundation for Ireland. Needless to say, the Irish nation rose to the occasion!

By the end of the first broadcast on Friday night, the appeal has already raised an incredible €5.2 million, with the total continuing to climb (at time of writing it’s now over €6.5 million). Thousands of Toy Show fans have donated so far.

The final sign-off to run the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal was less than 2 months before broadcast and with it, the new requirement to process donations from the live show. That’s where We Are Serverless comes in. Managing broadcast-driven transactions is their specialty. For the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal use case, We Are Serverless chose Cloudflare Workers as the weapon of choice — for a lightweight application with minimal downstream integrations, it was the most cost effective and time efficient solution for their needs. Read the whole story.

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