The resource from “” was blocked due to MIME type (“text/html”) mismatch (X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff)


We are getting this error only in Firefox 101.0 (64-bit)

The resource from “https://(website domain).com/” was blocked due to MIME type (“text/html”) mismatch (X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff).

We are using WP Rocket & Bunny CDN.

That error means that something was attempted to load, (usually JavaScript) but the MIME type of the response was not correct, so it was blocked. If the resource from your site, then check to make sure the MIME type is set correctly. If it is not your site, then you need to contact the owner of the site to get it set correctly.

Thanks for the suggestion. So is this a server/hosting issue or a plugin issue or WP Rocket (caching & minification) issue? Which direction should we focus on?

I would lean towards server/hosting issue. It can mean that the server doesn’t know the script is supposed to be JavaScript.

If you want to rule out Cloudflare, then you can enable development mode and disable WP Rocket to see if it fixes the issue.

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Thank you for the suggest and it was the hosting. It is fixed now.

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