The resolution of my subdomain name does not work


I registered Cloudflare DNS on my main domain
The DNS used are as follows:

HTTP requests on the main domain name work perfectly.

On the other hand, queries on the subdomain doesn’t work because name resolution doesn’t work.

Do you have any idea what I might have forgotten?



The name doesn’t exist in DNS. Can you post a screenshot of your DNS settings from the Cloudflare dashboard?

Your Screenshot clearly shows you don’t have a DNS entry for the subdomain you’re trying to access. You need to add the appropriate DNS record for the subdomain.

Note that: and

… are two different hostnames. If you want both to work, you need to add the appropriate DNS entries for both (and possibly forward one to the other).


Indeed the DNS records of the subdomain were missing on Cloudflare. I thought that the DNS records at my OVH provider were enough but no.

I added the DNS for the subdomains in Cloudflare and now it works.

Thanks for your help.

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