The record quota has been exceeded - CNAME records limit?!


i’m trying to add a new couple of CNAME record via Cloudflare’s API but the response is false!

The response:
Code: 81045
Msg: The record quota has been exceeded.

I’ve got a free plan, where i can read about this limit?



How many do you already have? It would seem too many :slight_smile:


That’s very strange…

In your link a read about a 1000 records limit but…
I’ve got a lot of records about 1823 but… just yestarday i was able to add new CNAME records. today i’ve got this messagge.

Now I’ve removed about 10 records and tried again but nothing, same message.

I didn’t found any info about this limit.


See my earlier link please. 1800 seems excessive and would call for a wildcard.


Sorry i edited my reply.

But it’s very strange…
I’ve got more than 1000 records working properly from last september… and just now i’ve got this message.


I believe Cloudflare lowered the limit and thats why you would run into it now but support could give you a definitive answer here.


Ok, thanks for reply.

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