"The record already exists" when editing TXT record. Error 81053

When I try to update/edit a TXT record I get the error “The record already exists”.

All I have done is clicked Edit -> Update the content -> Save.

Any tips to what I do wrong?

Can you post a screenshot of your DNS records? Redact IP addresses if you want.

This is my DNS settings, blurred all but our root domain: https://imgur.com/a/dadBHsF (new users cant post images so had to link)

You redacted too much. Considering everything is DNS only anyhow, you can also post the proper screenshot.

I’d probably try to remove the record and re-create it.

But there is only the one legalmonster.com TXT record.

That impossible to say from your screenshot.

Anyhow, I’d go with the approach I just mentioned.

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