The question is about using Cloudflare as a Domain Registrar

Is it actual to use Cloudflare as a Domain Registrar? I apologize in advance for my english language skills, 'cause of the small amount of learning english time. So, I need to register and renew domain names without concerns. I don’t know anything about and maybe someone could explain me the difference between the simple Domain Registrar (for instance GoDaddy or iPage) and are there any reasons to choose Cloudflare?

Right now, you can only transfer a domain you have already registered, and that domain needs to be part of your Cloudflare account.

Why choose Cloudflare? It does not cost as much.

I haven’t understand yet. I need to have an already registered domain name? Or I can register it here and renew it here?

It needs to be registered already. Later, Cloudflare will let customers register new names.

So, if I register domain name in domain registrar, can I transfer it and use domain here and I won’t depend on another domain registrar at all?

You will have to wait 60 days to transfer, but yes, you won’t need the other registrar after that.

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