The problem with Russian-language domains

Hello. I have a problem with Russian-language domains:
When I turn on “Enable Cloudflare on Site” the site stops opening (using SSL works). If I turn it off, everything works. Why? (As I understand it: all Russian-language domains have problems)
Здравствуйте. У меня проблема с Русско-язычными доменами:
Когда включаю “Enable Cloudflare on Site” сайт перестаёт открываться(По SSL работает). Если отключаю - всё работает. Почему?(Как я понял: проблемы у всех русскоязычных доменов)

What is “LE”?

LE = “Let’s Encrypt”.

I did not fully understand: this code should be executed 1 time in the console 1 time or should I change the script file itself that updates the certificates? And also: I looked into the documentation and didn’t understand: do I need to automatically get API_KEY automatically? (I thought it was a constant for the account or am I looking in the wrong place?)

For starters you should try and toggle Universal SSL, just as it mentioned in the thread.

So disable it, wait an hour, and enable it.

I don’t see “Universal SSL” in the site settings in my account. If you mean “Disable and enable Cloudflare on Site” with a difference of 1 hour, then it does not work.

It’s at the bottom of the SSL/TLS → Edge Certificates page.

You don’t disable Cloudflare, you toggle Universal SSL at

Otherwise you switch the certificate authority as shown in the article

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