The problem with redirecting a subdomain from www to without www

Hello, I have a domain called example:
Together with https: //, but without www, this subdomain works well. Problem is when I want to redirect (https):// to (https):// After redirecting the subdomain to the address without www, by method RULES in Clodflare :* to 301$1 - on the subdomain (https):// empty page is showing. There is no response to this redirection. Without Cloudflare, the subdomain worked as expected with the record in the htaccess file. Why does redirecting the subdomain in Cloudflare not work?

You need to post the actual URL.

Hi, can not I help you without a site url? I’m asking as a webmaster for a friend.I am persuading her to AWS. That’s why I do not want to give her pages. The domain and subdomain is on CMS Wordpress 4.9.8. When DNS subdomains records: A - directed to the IP address, while CNAME is directed to When the DNS bubble is turned off (gray). Subdomain works when the cloud is on (orange) does not work.

The question is simple: why do Rules for Cloudflare redirection not work for subdomains? The Cloudflare account is free.

They do work in these cases.

I haven’t found an answer to my question on the Internet. That’s why I joined the forum.What is the time from changing RULES to the actual change on the website? Is the change immediately visible? A domain supports an A record in the DNS zone, which is directed to the VPS. The rest of the DNS records is on the domain registrar’s server. Of course, the DNS records have now been changed to Cloudflare. Is Cloudflare account for free only for main domains? Why subdomains from www cannot be redirected to without www - hackers enjoy it.

If you post the URLs that can be further analysed.

A message is displayed on the address of the subdomain that wants to redirect: This website does not allow a secure connection The server www(dot)example1(dot) uses an unsupported protocol. ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH
He doesn’t want to leave a link to this domain - such behavior without links is welcome on forums :). From my experience with Cloudflare on a free account it’s best to have a domain without a subdomain. Subdomains on Clodflare account for free is only a problem. Thanks to Sandro

Not sure that is the problem and dont really want to guess either, but if your problem is not a redirect but HTTPS it will most likely be because you seem to be using a fourth-level hostname which is not covered by Cloudflare’s certificate.

Again, thats thats just speculation but the best you can get if you dont share the URL.

This is how I read about what you wrote. Then the SSL certificate is paid for. Only I, this web address of the subdomain, wants to redirect to without www. Because, as I wrote subdomain without www works well.There is only one solution left to disable the A dns record on the subdomain and unmask the IP.


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