The primary domain certificate date has been expired | Ordered Dedicated certificate but that is also not working

Hi the primary domain SSL date expired…

There is no support to update that universal certificate. So we have ordered dedicated certificate nothing has been reflect in the website.

Please help! Urgent

It works for me. Your certificate is valid until 09 Oct 2020

Hi @MarkMeyer,

Thank you for your response, Yep it’s working fine now but I don’t know it is currently working from universal SSL or Dedicated. I turn on the PROXY to this domain in DNS management then it’s working fine. Could you please explain what is happening here ?

How to prevent this issues ? your answer may help for the future.

Thank you for your time.

I tried again with your root domain and got a certifiate warning as well. If I ignore that and continue I get a valid Cloudflare certificate which is valid until October.

That’s the dedicated. A universal cert would have as hostname.
Turn on the proxy (:orange:) for your root domain too. It’s currently resolving to your server’s IP which seems to present an invalid certificate

www. is working fine and proxied but redirected to your root domain.

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