The previous registrar doesn't

Hi everyone!

I initiated a domain transfer to Cloudflare. The previous registrar provided an authorization code for the domain, I entered it on Cloudflare and the status of the domain is now “pendingTransfer”.

Cloudflare writes the following in the Transfer Progress window:

You’re on your way to having your domain transferred to Cloudflare. This process can take up to 5 days to complete, but can be faster if you were to go to your registrar and confirm the transfer.

The previous registrar claims to have sent an email with a link to confirm the transfer, later they said the email was not delivered due to a problem on the mail server side.

Do I understand correctly that this link to confirm the transfer at this stage is only needed to speed up the transfer, and if this letter is not sent to me, the transfer will still take place within 5-7 days from the start of the transfer? Or will the absence of this letter prevent the transfer and I need to worry?

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Looks like the domain transfer finished around the same time I posted this question :slight_smile:

Domain status changed to “clientTransferProhibited transferPeriod”. It looks like a letter with a confirmation link from the previous registrar was indeed optional and its absence did not affect in any way. I will be watching for further domain status updates.

I hope this post will help those who find themselves in the same situation with a missing letter with a transfer confirmation link, help save some nerves :slight_smile:

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