The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port


I need help figuring this out. I been looking for a solution for two days now and I’m near almost I believed. Here is my situation.

I have a VPS which has Ipv6 only. I installed openlitespeed server for speed wise. I was able to open the port but I cannot login the administration panel.

The openlitespeed has a port number [IPv6]:7080 and I am using the cloudflare to proxify so I can access this Ipv6 since I only have Ipv4 at home.

I found that cloudflare now supports 8443 and I change the openlitespeed web panel port into 8443 and I believe my server is listening on this port.

I check if the port is open and it yes it open.

I also check if the port is open outside via a ipv6 port scanner and here is the response.

What I did next is to create a page rule since SRV entries does not work.
Here is my page rule. Please correct me if I did it wrong.


Please note I hide my domain but that is the rule I made.
What I am missing?
Did I wrote that correctly?

When I open the domain with :8443 I get a weird reply.

400 Bad Request

The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port

Why is the page rule not working? I did wrong right? Kindly correct me. I need answer.
I need your guidance. thanks in advance.

And you typed ?
The error message makes it sound like you didn’t specify HTTPS in the browser’s address bar.

when I do that I get an error like this

Does this mean the problem in my server?

yo @sdayman it is working now.

The fault is in my OLSWS config. I forgot to turn back the cert
after I added the rule.

It is working now. Thanks for that I remember I forgot something.

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