The pictures can not showed

When we use the Cloudflare and select the SSL Flexible model , our website’s some picutues can not showed well, it is not full , only some ones can not showed.

When we select Off (not secure) , everything is ok.

When we copy the picture link and open it , the picture is working .

so please help me to check what is happened, thanks.

pulseiradeled . com /product-category/bolas-de-led/

is something we did wrong ?

  1. Please don’t use flexible Why flexible SSL mode is not the best choice
  2. In order to have the resources be upgrade to HTTPS you need to enable Automatic HTTPS Rewrites here.

thanks, we will check it again for this .

when we did above 3 pictures showed, our website can not working , it can not be opened.

we want to use the free ssl and we did the https rewrites

would you help me to check what is wrong , thanks.

now it is this way. when we close the ssl (Off (not secure)) , it is working.

Does your origin site have working SSL without Cloudflare?

You need to start with a working SSL configuration on your origin server before you enable the Cloudflare proxy :orange:. You also should run Full (Strict) to prevent invalid certificates form introducing vulnerabilities.

You don’t have to use a commercial certificate on your origin site. A Cloudflare Origin certificate is a valid choice as long as you will be using the Cloudflare proxy :orange:.

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