The Page Rule setting for new web site at cloudflare

We just move the web site to Cloudflare and setup name server correctly.

Our web site is a Tomcat virtual host and we put to tomcat\webapps\itok.

However, it displays Tomcat first page when we type (Screen 1).

We do not know if our page rule is not correct (Screen 2)

But, we apply the link and the web site will be displayed (Screen 3).

We do not know if our page rule setting is correct or not. Or we have something wrong in Tomcat setting.

We would be appreciated if anyone can help me to migrate our web site to Cloudflare.

Thanks a lot !

David Ho

Your page rule only matches, not You can use * to match the apex and subdomains.

You can omit the scheme (HTTPS) if desired. e.g. *

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