The page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources.Site not loading properly in chrome


After applying flexible SSL and enabling HTTPS chrome loading my site properly and reteriving an error ‘the page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources’.I asked to my friends and they are saying same thing that something happening wrong from clouflare side.Please check it once my domain is:

Error Scrrenshot:


This plugin will make sure most, if not all, of your resources load securely over SSL:

The warning stems from Mixed Content (some parts of your site are trying to use http instead of https)


yes i installed plugin and its fixed.But there is one more problem my site is not opening in my mobile but in my pc its working fine.And in my friends pc its again not opening.Whats really happening i don’t know?I cleared browser history,cache etc but still problem persist.

Here is screenshot of mobile and desktop error:


Anyone can tell me why my site not opening in mobile in chrome browser


The site is working. When using Chrome Desktop in Mobile mode (Galaxy S5), it’s still working.

Is your phone using WiFi or Cellular? It could be a DNS issue.


Site opening well with wifi in mobile.Actually this problem with JIO cellular (india biggest network)in mobile.When i opening with hotspot of same network in pc then its opening well.

But in india 60% user on jio network then its biggest issue please let me know fix for this.I think allowing all IP’s on server can fix this.But how to do i don’t know.


With a Desktop, it’s easier to troubleshoot. Use Chrome and open Dev Tools, then click on the Network tab. Look at the connections for a resource to see what IP address they’re trying to reach.

If you can tether your PC to your phone’s cellular connection, this may help.

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