"The origin web server is responding slowly to initial requests"

CloudFlare is giving me this message and I don’t know what it means: “The origin web server is responding slowly to initial requests for uncached HTML content. To remove this performance bottleneck, look at your server’s ability to return HTML faster and/or implement HTML caching in Cloudflare. You may benefit from caching static HTML and anonymous page views.” How do I proceed? What is it we need to do? I’d appreciate any suggestions.

It means your server is slow, which leads to longer load times for your visitors. Fix: upgrade to higher performance hosting.

Caching HTML speeds up site loads, but not good for Dynamic sites (message boards, shopping). Fix: Page Rule for Cache Level (Everything – use with extreme caution) or APO on Wordpress.

Yikes! We just signed up for a year for a dedicated server with specs that should translate to speed (6 Core / 12 Thread, Intel Xeon E-2136, 64GB DDR4 RAM). If this is not fast enough, I don’t know where we go from here.

I was told that we would benefit from installing Nginx on the server?

Sometimes you need to troubleshoot what caused the long processing time in your server. It could be some plugins in your website?

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