The order does not change to the status "completed"

After connecting cloudflare to the WP site, WOO orders no longer translate into “done” or “paid” or “completed” status after payment through the payment gateway.

In transactions, I see errors like this:

03.09.23 14:42:23
09/03/23 02:42:23 PM Failed
200 Err 11158 http status: 403 Task create callback task (none) 1

03.09.23 14:42:28
09/03/23 02:42:29 PM Failed
200 Err 11158 Just a moment…

< (none) 2

Can you please tell me what this is connected with, maybe you need to create some kind of additional rule?

i read this thread Cloudflare Caused Issue to Opencart Payment, tried to change “below average” or “post disabled” but the problem persists. All orders are blocked and do not go into paid status on WordPress woocommerce

If it’s Cloudflare, it will be the firewall.

Do you have any entries listed under

yes, there are many entries, all for yesterday

That seems to be blocked by one of your firewall rules. You either adjust that rule or whitеlist the IP address or the AS.

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Thank you very much! Indeed, I added this AS and IP to the exceptions and it all worked! :slight_smile:

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