The orange to orange problem

This community tutorial covers what is known as the ‘orange to orange problem’. :orange: :arrow_forward: :orange:.

What is the issue?
If a service that other users then point their domains to uses Cloudflare, it can create a problem if both the domain of the site and the hostname it points to is set to :orange:.

Take a web host for example, we’ll call them asks their customers to point their domains to and decides to use Cloudflare and sets their DNS records to :orange:. Then a customer comes along to use with their own domain, but they also use Cloudflare and want to set their record to :orange:. They point to and set that record to :orange:. This created a conflict… As Matthew Prince puts it, ‘whose settings should win’.

Shopify started to use Cloudflare. That creates a conflict with customers that are already using Cloudflare on their domains (i.e., whose settings should win). We call it the orange-to-orange problem and we're working on it with them and other platforms.

— Matthew Prince 🌥 (@eastdakota) March 21, 2019

What Cloudflare currently do about it

Currently, any record pointing to a :orange: host is automatically set to :grey: and cannot be changed to :orange:. Going back to the example above, this means that because is set to :orange:, cannot be :orange: and is therefore set to :grey:. This means that certain Cloudflare services such as page rules and workers cannot currently be used in this situation.

This is something that Cloudflare is working on

We’re working on it.

— Matthew Prince 🌥 (@eastdakota) March 21, 2019
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