The new "page ruler"

So, we are a web service corp and we use cloudflare daily to all of our customers websites, landningpages etcetera.

Today, we use the “page ruler” so people get to the right site, for example “” even tho they only write in for example: “

This has been a issue for many of our customers, but since we started using cloudflare, we could get that fixed easy.

Now, Cloudflare will change the “page ruler” product to something else. I have tried everything from the guide, with the help from open ai but i can not manage to fix the issue.

We want the EXACT same thing to happen in the future as it does today. How do we do it so websites with “www” get accessable when you dont write “www” before?

I would appreciate the help asap.

Use Redirect Rules instead, guide here…

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