The new Managed Challenge page isn't the greatest

Hey there, it seems that recently one of the teams at Cloudflare rolled out a new design for the Managed Challenge page, which isn’t the greatest. This new page not only removes the nice animation from the old page, but it introduces another inconsistent page that uses yet another stylesheet, on top of slightly confusing language and a random fact. I’d much rather the team base the design off of the new 1020 page than create an entirely new design. I’d also appreciate it if the team were to introduce a dark mode and update all the existing error pages to be consistent with each other.

This new page is also used for UAM, and it sounds off in general. I mean the old page’s wording wasn’t the greatest, but neither is this page. It kind of sounds like a poorly written scam.

Hey there!

Thank you for sending your feedback over! As this is a new release, we are still making some adjustments and features. Knowing your priorities here definitely helps inform our priorities as well.

If you don’t mind, I wanted to ask a couple of clarifying questions.

  1. Could you give me a little more detail on how it feels off for UAM? Is there a rough wording that comes to mind that sounds more appropriate?
  2. When referring to the old animation, you were talking about the 3 orange colored dots that bounced correct? Would you describe what it is you preferred about that animation?

We are definitely working on the consistency. The new 1020 page and this were based off a very similar pattern, but as you rightfully note, there are still some inconsistencies. Thank you for highlighting that.

Again! thank you so much and I will look forward to your reply if and when you have time.

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hey there! I feel that this wording is off for UAM (and managed challenge) because it says it’s “checking if site connection is secure,” even though that isn’t what UAM (or managed challenge) are doing. Also, I was referring to the 3 dots animation in my original post. I feel like that animation looked a lot better compared to the generic-looking gray spinner used on the new page.