The NAV menu does not work when Cloudflare is active

I have problems with my NAV Menu when Cloudflare is active, I have an option of my account-> Exit, this menu is not displayed when Cloudflare is active, and in the NAV MENU MOBILE mode does not unfold, I have to disable Cloudflare to work, they have a solution to this problem, I have disabled, minimize JS, CSS, HTML and the problem continues.

Can you share your domain/website and the page(s) where this is happening? Are there any JS errors?

Do the issues persist if you disable Rocket Loader?

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yes, that was the problem, I had to disable Rocket Loader. Now my Nav works well… you have some solution to use Rocket Loader?

It’s all in the article he linked to.

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here the solution:

Elementor and Cloudflare Rocket Loader

Elementor and Cloudflare integrate smoothly with each other, although there has been an issue with Rocket Loader in the past.

The issue was caused by Rocket Loader automatically changing the scripts to load asynchronously, which breaks the editor.

If this is causing you a problem, you can solve this by creating rules in Cloudflare:

  • For Elementor pages: *Site URL/elementor
  • For Elementor templates: Site URL/?elementor_library=

thank you.

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