The nameservers related to the account got updated automatically. Is this something common or is there some glitch?

Until now, we were using nameservers - justin and veda for the past couple of years.
But today, suddenly, the nameservers got changed to archer and leanna

We need to know if this is something common as we thought the nameservers never change for an account.
If this is something common, then we’ll need to make some adjustments on our end.

Waiting for your reply.

Thanks in advance.

Nameservers are assigned per domain, not per account. While domains within the same account are often assigned the same nameservers, this is not something you can rely on.

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Recently, it was changed so that when you add a website to Cloudflare, and its using your default account nameservers, it’ll pick a different pair. Either wait to change the nameservers until after you add the website (it’s still not guaranteed though, in case of other conflict), or use account custom nameservers (Biz or Ent Required) which would be more consistent

Ref for change: Nameserver assignment · Cloudflare DNS docs

To prevent domain hijacking, you can no longer preset Cloudflare nameservers at your registrar before creating the respective zone in Cloudflare. If you preset your nameservers and then add the domain, your domain will be assigned a new pair of nameservers.


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