The nameserver assigned by the system is not the same

I have multiple domains under my account but four nameservers are assigned, is this normal? How do I completely delete a domain from cloudflare?

Each domain should only be assigned two unique nameservers, but yes it’s normal and completely fine for them to use different ones, there’s no guarantees. You do have “account preferred” nameservers, but they will not be used under specific conditions where they would conflict, or if you set your nameservers at your registrar first, Cloudflare will pick two other random ones when you add the site to avoid domain hijacking. The latter was a more recent change in the past 2 months.

Under overview, scroll down on the right side: “Remove this site from Cloudflare”.
(If the site is Enterprise, you won’t have that option, have to reach out to your CSM or something I believe)


Thanks for the answer, is it possible to remove the configuration when deleting a domain?

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