The name servers for my domain no longer point to Cloudflare

I have done nothing (in fact I’ve been 100% off line for the last 10 days) … this is what it says

How and why did this happen? Why do I need to repoint things?

It says this is where it now points
[not set]
[not set]
[not set]

Where does it say that? At your registrar? In this case I would contact them to find out more.

Whats the domain?

By any chance, was there a domain renewal (even automatic) in that interval?


in an email from Cloudflare

Thats the usual notification. I’d contact the registrar and clarify why the nameservers have changed.

Yep, domain expired and name servers reverted back to registrar’s. When you contact them as @sandro suggested, ask them to change your name servers back to Cloudflare and the zone should reappear in your account.

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