The name servers changed inside my account

I have a query regarding changing name servers on Cloudflare. We have been using the same name servers for over 6 years for about 60 websites.

However, today when we tried to add a new site, we found that the name servers are different. We updated the site and changed the name servers, but the ones that the client added are not working because we provided the name servers that we’ve always had for years.

I am not sure if Cloudflare updates name servers inside the same account from time to time. Could anyone tell me if this is normal?

Any domain that already has Cloudflare nameservers will be given a new set whenever it is added to an account. If you set the nameservers before adding the domain to Cloudflare, that would trigger this so it is normal.

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I’ve experienced the same behaviour a week or two ago.
As I was used and know the assigned CF nameservers for my CF account, I’ve automatically added them upfront before adding a new domain to my CF account, therefrom I was assigned and presented with a different set of 2 in pair, so I had to switch and change them at domain registrar.

Later on, the 2nd domain, for which I haven’t had added “known” nameservers, the Cloudflare assigned the “known” ones (which I’ve already used for my CF account).

Everything went fine and still working as expected.

As @sjr stated which can be followed as stated on the article from below:

To prevent domain hijacking, you can no longer preset Cloudflare nameservers at your registrar before creating the respective zone in Cloudflare. If you preset your nameservers and then add the domain, your domain will be assigned a new pair of nameservers.

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