The MX records that do not seem valid hostname

I have testest my domain on intodns and only fails on MX records.

The MX records that do not seem valid hostname…

How I can solve this?

FYI: I put an space before .cloud because I am new user and I can’t post links here.

Thanks a lot.

I’d call this a glitch with intodns. Your MX configuration seems all right.

nslookup -type=mx
Address:    MX preference = 0, mail exchanger =       internet address = X.X.X.X


Address:  X.X.X.X

Maybe contact them and clarify why they think there’s an issue.

I looked at “intodns” and see the error you are seeing, but I think it’s wrong and you can ignore it. Your MX record looks fine to me and I see no problem with the hostname–but “intodns” seems to throw the same error with any .cloud domain, so I’d say it’s a problem with that site.

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