The message at login says that I'm using an unrecognized IP address, neither I can not get the email with the token

Any help will be appreciated.

99 times out of 99 it’s because the user told Cloudflare to not send you email.

You’ll have to email support AT cloudflare DOT com to remove your email from the suppression list. As so as you get the autoreply here, please post the ticket #.

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Same issue here but I won’t be getting an auto reply… Our IT guy died and we don’t have access to his address.

here’s the email I just sent to support AT cloudflare dotcom …

We are having email deliverability problems so I need to set up SPF/dkim/dmarc for the funklaw dot com domain , which is registered with Cloudflare

When I log in using my credentials (below):
combs AT funklaw.compassword:
PW: 88N~[gpR^Hp***

… I get this message:

You’re attempting to log into Cloudflare from an unrecognized IP Address. Please enter the Authentication Token that was sent to the email associated with this account.

However, no Authentication token is coming to my email address!!!please help!