The maximum number of concurrent executions on cloudflare pages

I heard that Vercel has limitations on the maximum number of concurrent executions for Serverless Functions.

Does Cloudflare Pages also have this kind of limitation?

It seems that such limitations exist for Cloudflare workers(subrequest Unbound 1000)
Is it possible to apply for an increase in these limits on any plan?

The subrequest limit is the amount of requests a single invocation (i.e an http request to a function) can do. For example, on Unbound, as you have noted, it has a subrequest limit of 1000. So a single function call/invocation could do 1,000 fetch()/http requests to websites.

For actual requests, Workers Free plan does have a limit on burst requests (1k/minute), and daily requests (100k), I’m not 100% sure if the burst limit applies to Pages Functions, although the Daily Requests do and are shared between Functions and Workers. On Workers Paid, those limits don’t exist,

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