The mails from my website are not being sent

So basically my website used to send emails due to the scripts that I have in its back-end. But a few months back, my website suddenly stopped sending any and all mails. I have checked all of my scripts and there is definitely no problem in them. Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that it is probably my DNS records in Cloudflare CDN that are causing the problem. I have attached a picture of them to this question. So if anyone could just check them out and tell me whats wrong, it would be of great help!
Thank you for any help that you can give!

Don’t know why it’s stopped SENDING emails but I’m surprised you can receive them with this setup. The A record you have for ‘mail’ should almost certainly be set to grey cloud, not orange cloud (i.e. non-proxied). Also unless you get emails (e.g. sent to addresses such as [email protected]) then the MX record ‘mail’ may not be needed.

If this doesn’t fix things you’re going to have to let us know the tech you use to send email so we can see if it is dependent on DNS.

Thank you for your response! I’ll make the necessary changes and get back to you!

Sending is probably broken because they’re trying to use for outbound mail, and Cloudflare isn’t going to proxy SMTP when set to :orange: Your solution should fix the inbound and outbound mail.

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