The loading speed is the same as before

I just set up my domain in Cloudflare.
I think I have configured each of the parameters properly, however the loading speed of the web has not been affected at all.
I have measured the speed before and after configuration on and on and there are no perceptible differences.

Can you help me?

Thank you.

In the Pingdom results, I usually scroll down to the Waterfall view and expand the entries to see if the Cloudflare Cache Status is HIT or MISS (or something else). The waterfall view has been helpful in tracking down which resources need speeding up.

Generally, standard caching only caches static files. You’d have to carefully experiment with Page Rules and a cache setting of Cache Everything for some of the dynamic elements you want sped up.

For example, I Cache Everything for my main page: (trailing slash, and nothing else). Then set the Edge TTL for however many hours or days I expect that page to not change.

test with instead for more accuracy from multiple geographic locations before vs after (Cloudflare orange cloud off vs on)