The List videos interface returns no page number

Use Cloudflare API Documentation api interface
returns only:

Not mentioned in the documentation:

You should report this on the api docs, with the feedback button in the bottom left.

Does anyone know the answer? I have already reported that, so far there is no pagination information.

Hi there, good catch - we just updated our docs to reflect the accurate response. Though it doesn’t include a result_info field, you can call this endpoint with the ?include_counts=true query param to get the total number of videos, and paginate using the start and end query params

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The start and end query params are dates, so not really good for pagination… unless we are expected to iterate over every day until we get to the desired number of videos? The docs say range is “The total number of remaining videos based on cursor position.” … but there’s no cursor position.

Also desc seems to work as well as asc in sorting, but it’s not in the docs.

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