The letsencrypt certificate for the website doesn't exist therefore apache can't load

The connection to the origin web server was made, but the origin web server timed out before responding. A 521 error appeared and we contacted the hosting company. They saw that the load averages were quite high, though they were dropping and then going back up - currently sitting at about 50 for 1 minute (there were also warnings on the servers console that it is out of memory and killing processes). CPU usage was around 80%. They decided to reboot the server but the 521 still remains. After checking the server logs, they identified that the issue related to an SSL Certificate and the Apache web service. Apparently, the letsencrypt certificate for the website does not exist anymore therefore apache can’t load… Any suggestions?

I am afraid that’s something for your hosting company to fix. If they can’t handle such a fundamental task I’d seriously suggest to switch host. That is 100% their responsibility - assuming you are on managed or shared hosting.


Unfortunately, your assumption doesn’t work as the hosting company is saying that we are not on managed or shared hosting (we were not aware of this). Need someone who can assist (and help us out) without making assumptions……

Nothing that a tag to MoreHelp will fix.

  1. The tag is supposed to be used after 3d of no responses, @sandro replied and solved it.
  2. The marked solution is correct, if the hosting provider isn’t responsible, none of us can help you install a certificate on a server you own and manage. Search on the internet.

Hello Matteo,

I was looking for some simple advice not assumptions resulting in the question to be resolved…… perhaps you know what they say about assumptions.

Our website is down, Hosting company is pointing the finger at Cloudflare, our IT manager in hospital, automatic reply from cloudflare (because apparently we are on a free plan) so quite desperate to resolve this.

Accept your comment and that will be the next step - to move away from Cloudflare. Not everyone is as knowledgeable as you but you don’t have to be rude about it.

In the absence of information one can only assume.

Anyhow, as your server is not managed it is not your host’s responsibility to fix that but you will have to do this yourself I am afraid. But that’s not a Cloudflare related topic and better discussed at StackExchange for example.

And to make one thing clear, neither Matteo nor I were rude.

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As moderator or whatever you and Sando are on this forum giving advice based on assumptions is just poor show. Expecting everyone to know about computer programming - and how to install a certificate - is another assumption. What is this forum actually for? And then to brush it off like - Search on the internet - is just rude… I stopped myself there by saying something else just like this topic.

Don’t have to reply to this post, got the message and wish you and Sando good luck with your assumptions - assume it will get you very far in life….

For Cloudflare related issues, which yours clearly is not.

If you had posted enough information - as I already mentioned - nobody would have needed to assume.

Anyhow, closing as this issue should be resolved as far as the Cloudflare context is concerned. Feel free to start another thread if you have a question which is actually Cloudflare related and if you post all necessary information people won’t even have to assume.

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