The issue to attach the domain to the Shopify account

Looks like the domain is pointing to Cloudflare and even with proper DNS settings on the domain pointing to Shopify.
It looks like is stock somewhere in Cloudflare.
Does anyone have a similar problem?

I’m not clear here. Do you want to use Shopify, or not?

Yes, I want to use Shopify but I am not able to use the domain on Shopify for any reason.

I believe Shopify uses CNAMEs, and that those CNAMEs should be set to :grey: DNS Only.

If you post the hostname that’s not working, we can take a closer look.

We are using DNS settings like below:
A record domain name hosting provider.
For a quick solution, we purchase but we can’t understand why we can’t resolve this issue with domain for so long time. I will be glad for any help. Thank you

Hi @webdev16,

Neither domain appears to be using a regular Cloudflare setup at the moment.

Are Shopify saying this is a Cloudflare issue? If so, what are they saying the problem is?
Have you ever used Cloudflare with another provider? Is could be that they have not released the domain from their SaaS config.

No, we didn’t use Cloudflare at any time but we use one time Web Support Revolution company But they send me information any connection for this domain was removed. Last response from shopify was :

“From checking on this end initially, yes, it is indeed Cloudflare who need to address this. This can not be resolved from Shopify’s side. Cloudflare need to remove the old SSL/DNS configuration on their end
When I use the tools on my end, it states that domain is pointed to Shopify but did not return Shopify headers”
Thank You

OK, sounds like something is stuck with an old SaaS config.

I’ll escalate this post for the attention of the Customer Support Team so they can get back to you here. If you have already contacted Support, please share your ticket number here so that they can track it.

It could be that your hosting partner is actually a Cloudflare partner. I’d recommend to create a ticket (or share your existing ticket number here) so that we can take a look.


Request nr 2187443
Thank You

Typically a partner can handle the removal if asked to “remove the custom hostname SSL” for your domain, but sometimes it’s seen as a Cloudflare issue. These happen when a SSL was provided through a service a domain was previously connected to but may not have been disconnected entirely.

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