The IP Address that I've typed in DNS A Records doesn't appear to match with the IP address I've typed up

Hello, I’m trying to add a new subdomain for my website that requires me to type the new subdomain in my Cloudflare DNS Records. I was instructed by OVH that I need to make sure that the IP Address for Record A matches along with TXT ovhcontrol, but for some odd reason the IP that I had typed doesn’t match for OVHCloud and gives me an error saying:

“An error has occurred adding the domain(s) to your hosting plan. (403:Action impossible on custom certificate)”

According to the OVH Support Team, they said that I recommend contacting a Cloudflare specialist to get to know how to set it up properly. I’ve not had the chance to investigate further in Cloudflare community forums as I’m tied up with other work, I wasn’t sure if you had similar issues related to using OVH’s web hosting services.

If your A record is set to :orange:, you will see Cloudflare proxy IPs. If you need your origin IP to be returned, you will need to set the A record to :grey: DNS Only.

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More info you can read

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Hmm well, I’m not sure if I should wait more than 2 hours in order for the actual IP to show. Besides even if I set it as DNS Only it doesn’t appear to work unless I’ve missed something?

If you share the domain name and what records you are expecting to see, someone is likely to report what they find along with any suggestions of it doesn’t seem right.

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