The HTTP proxy mode does not work on one of two hosts


Two subdomains (dev1, node1) are configured for different servers with a similar configuration, located in the same datacetra. In one case, everything works fine, in another, opening the index.html page (or any other content) results in a 502 error (Ray ID: 425b10a335468ff3 • 2018-06-04 14:24:46 UTC Bad gateway). If you turn off the HTTP proxy, it works fine too.

When HTTP proxy mode is enabled, our requests do not reach our server (they are not present in the IIS log).

We did not find any problems on our server, described on the page

Could you find a solution, please


Community members don’t have any special access to your settings, but Support can probably check into it. They usually test your server using your Cloudflare settings. Login & go to

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