The hostname has no DS records


Would someone please help? I do not know what I am doing. I’m a teacher, not a computer person.

I am trying to set up my Stripe account with WeChat pay. It requires that I add a website. I created a bare minimum one with Strikingly. I added it to Stripe and received an error message. –


I signed into Cloudflare and went to DNS settings like instructed. I then followed ALL directions to create required DNS records. However, I am unable to verify that the CNAME record is set up. I used Cloudflare diagnostic and received the following message…

Check DS record configuration

Does the hostname have a DS record? Does this record use the Cloudflare algorithm?

Error Found

Error Found

Resolve Issue




The hostname has no DS records.

I have searched, but it is useless, as I do not understand any of this. I need someone who can just tell me, plainly, what I need to do to fix this.

Please help this pitiful, helpless teacher of children.

Thank you.

Problem is probably caused by the CNAME being proxied :orange: on the Cloudflare dashboard. Make sure it is :grey: DNS Only.

You can probably ignore the DS record error. It’s a notice, not an error.

Thank you for your quick response!

Unfortunately, I’ve already done that (see the attachment). Can you think of anything else that might help?

Do you own the domain I suspect you have not activated the domain in your Cloudflare account, and that you cannot activate the domain as it is not under your control (unless you have a CNAME setup on a Cloudflare Business plan)

You need to have control of the domain that you add to your Cloudflare account, and change the associated nameservers to the pair provided by Cloudflare. It is probably easiest to just purchase a domain of your own, and add that to Cloudflare ( is available).

Thank you for the information. I will look into this.

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