The host ( resolved to an IP address that the owner of the web

This is the message that I get once trying to access my website (I’m the owner of the domain and everything).

This happened first when I configured some settings on Hubspot.
I assume by doing that, I let them change some DNS records which caused the current bug.

I removed all settings from Hubspot and they are no longer controlling the domain in any sense.

what can be done to fix this issue?

This is the message when trying to acees the domain on the web :

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Error 1034

Ray ID: 877d1e080d65e3df • 2024-04-21 11:43:35 UTC

Edge IP Restricted

What happened?

You’ve requested a page on a website that is part of the Cloudflare network. The host ( resolved to an IP address that the owner of the website does not have access to.

What can I do?

If you are a visitor of this website:
Please try again in a few minutes.

If you are the owner of this website:
Check your DNS records to ensure they are pointed to the IP address(es) you were assigned at registration.

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Cloudflare Ray ID: 877d1e080d65e3df • Your IP: Click to reveal • Performance & security by Cloudflare

Your DNS records need to point to the IP address of your web hosting. It does appear to be working right now, but isn’t proxied through Cloudflare. What happens if you turn on the proxy now?


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