The Homepage of my website does not show the latest posts and changes

the main page of my website is not updated automatically in chrome/firefox when I publish new posts. I must refresh each time I publish something to show the most recent articles.

I think it has to do with the browser cache and cloudflare. it is as if cloudflare does not detect the changes or does not indicate the changes to the browser and this therefore shows an old version of the site stored locally

in cloudflare I have activated the option “Automatic Cache Management: Purge Cloudflare cache automatically when you update the appearance of your site”.

I use Swift performance lite cache plugin, but even when I completely disable them the problem continues.

Cloudflare is not caching that URL. But it looks like LiteSpeed is involved.

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It’s a caching “problem”, your website looks to be cached by Litespeed, try searching the site from an incognito tab or remove caching, load the site, and add caching back

purging cache from cloudflare will not work as Litespeed is caching. So, to solve, remove cache from Litespeed and then purge cloudflare cache, or temporarily put your site into development mode. If you constantly update your site (eg. every hour), set your Cache-Control header accordingly to renew the cache every hour or two. You should add that setting via cloudflare and Litespeed to assure they do not affect each other.

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